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What makes your beef different?

Because it’s Red Poll! The characteristics of RP beef is that is has a fine grain and has a marbling of fat running though it that cooks out during the cooking process and that keeps the meat nice and moist and gives a great flavour.

Why do we hang/dry age our beef?

Beef needs to be matured like good red wine. This process not only tenderises the beef but intensifies the flavour too.

Why do you vacuum pack and freeze the beef?

We want you to have the beef at is very best so this is the best method we have found to optimise storage and make it convenient for you to store too.

How do we send animals on the “one way trip” when we love them so much.

Taking animals to the abattoir is not our favourite job but it is part of the farming life cycle and how we get great tasting beef. We take them ourselves to a local place to ensure its stress free.

What’s the best roasting joint?

The everyday roasting joint would be the traditional Top Side joint, for a special occasion try Sirloin or rib on the bone.

What’s the best steak?

We can't answer that question... all of our steaks are good!

Do you have bones for my dog?

Yes when we have them in stock you can have a bone with pleasure!

Do you take orders for fresh beef?

Yes you can, although you may have to wait for it as we hang our beef for up to four weeks.

Can I order a particular cut to a size that I need?

Yes you can, always happy to take orders and advice!

“Only one complaint - your beef tasted so good we ate it all for dinner and had none left over for sandwiches the next day!”

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