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Steak Sandwich

Shopping List (serves one)

1 Beautiful Beef minute steak
2 Slices of bread
Handful of water cress or Rocket
1 tomato sliced
1dsp of mayonnaise
Optional Mustard

Cooking Method

1.       Heat pan on high heat.

2.       Season steak and cook for 1 min on each side remove from heat and allow to rest.

3.       Whilst steak is resting make up sandwich with the remaining ingredients finally placing the steak in    before placing the last slice of bread.

4.       Enjoy!









Beautiful Tips:


Any cooked beef should be allowed to "rest", how long depends on the size. 

A medium sized joint should rest for at least 20 minutes whilst steaks will need about 2 minutes before serving.

Joint Size

A 1.5kg joint of boned beef will feed 6 people.

Perfect Steak

  • Heat a frying pan over a high heat.
  • Season lightly with salt and pepper
  • Place steak in the pan
  • Cook for 2 mins each side for rare, 3 mins for medium & 4 mins for well-done
  • Leave the steak to rest for a few minutes on a warm plate and then enjoy!

“We love coming to buy our beef from you direct from the farmer knowing its grown with love and care”

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